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This is my creativity outlet... and
this is ME... ♥
I AM a future mathematician/ teacher/ reading specialist. Ü
I love to draw, to write, to cut papers,to paint my life, to wait for love, and most of all to collect all the people I meet, put them in a jar and put a label saying: “these creatures create the most loving memories in my life.” I like colorful lights, scented stationery, furry animals, Siberian huskies, cute kittens and puppies, loving family, warm friends, to put up a fight, to drown everything in a sea of sounds and to swim in the colors of the sunset of my own imagination. Ü♥
With this, I share my life to YOU :3.

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San Roque Catholic School- Grade School (Teachers and Personell)

Not all FAREWELLS need to be so sad.
After all, this world is just so small for all of us and if we we are all meant to meet at a certain point far off in the distance, then we will.

Ang alam ko, masyado pang maaga para magpaalam, may Gratitude Night pa, pero, nagpprepare na ako. hahahaha.

Thank you SRCS Family. ♥

*wala pa munang pamamaalam*


make the most out of everything.


Cat emotions🐱😺😸😼🙀😾



Today is my wordpress blog’s birthday and I am very thankful to my dear ate jazzey for introducing…

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Jan. 20- Jaunting Along Allusions turned 2 today!

I just noticed that I was not able to post this last time. :<

anyway, very belated happy birthday to my baby blog. :”>


As the 138th annual Westminster Dog Show gets underway in New York, LIFE presents photos celebrating a rare and singularly winning breed: The Yorkie.

(Photo: Nina Leen—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

I really love this band :”>

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Just loved the music video <3 hahaha.
This is the second time I listened to Train. I think I love them already

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4 YEARS IN FACEBOOK. ^___________^

Revising the last part:

Maybe someday, we’ll meet again and realize that we were always meant to be but we just met when the timing wasn’t right. Maybe we could try again. And we can finally take that walk. That might be in another place. In another time. But for now, what matters most for me is what I make most of what I have. I might be a little inconsiderate about this part, but what else can I do? I won’t just sulk and be irresponsible in a corner. If you can’t do things with me, then, pray, may you have a great life wherever you are. I would do my best to make mine wonderful. I just don’t want to regret that I did not do the things I longed and loved to do just because I got broken and lost. 

Arctic Monkeys!
The Killers!
The Beatles!
love love love &lt;3

Arctic Monkeys!

The Killers!

The Beatles!


love love love <3

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Made this prayer vid for someone. ^_^ First timeeer. :”>

got praised at first tryyyyy. :”>
I think movie maker is cool.


Unspoken words. Just tired. *grin*

Unspoken words. Just tired. *grin*